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ABOUT US:In 2006 to providing opportunities for fundraising, volunteers and friends of the Banbury Talking Newspaper established a group racing model cars. In addition to supporting other charities, we have also found that with the slot car technology we are able to provide schools with motivating support at key stage 2.
While still retaining our original objectives, the group membership has grown with new members initially invited as guests by existing members. We now meet the SECOND and FORTH TUESDAY every month at 7.00PM unless stated otherwise, racing 1/32 scale cars on a 66ft four lane scalextric sport analogue circuit. To cover running costs, repairing, replacing cars, or introducing a new class, every five meetings members pay £5.

At each meeting we race TWO sessions.
First session: Drivers may use their own, or 'club' car from the nights class, normally 2 race rotation each of 12 laps.
  - GROUP C/CLASSIC:loosely based on pre 1994 Le Mans cars, with club cars by lane Scalextric Jaguar, GT40 and Slot.it Porsche’s. Drivers may also race their own cars.
  - GT/LMP: based on post 1993 cars, with club cars by lane SCX DB9, Scalextric DB9, Toyota Supra and Ninco Mclaren F1 GTR. Drivers may race their own post 1993 GT/LMP cars.
  - F1/A1: club cars, or drivers may race their own F1 car which must be in line with the club range of Scalextric or SCX, be fitted with no more than a standard magnet / motor, rubber tyres and full width front buffer similar to club cars.
  - 50-60 Sport: Classic sports cars (open/hooded top only) from 1950 to 1969 club cars, or drivers may race their own, excludes post 1965 Le Mans.
  - #RALLY WRC+ None Magnet ONLY: NINCO club cars by lane, or drivers may use their own None Magnet RALLY car
    #RALLY STAGES are used in place of the main track, normally 2 race rotation 12/15laps
    A combination of supplied magnets / low clearance is driver detrimental on our track.

Second Session: Drivers can only use the designated club cars, races may be Pursuit, Crash/Burn, or team racing in place of scratch starts.
  - MINI: Scalextric club cars only by lane
  - BOXSTER: Scalextric club cars only by lane
  - DAYTONA None Magnet: Fly club cars only by lane
  - Ford GT40: Scalextric club cars only by lane
  - #RALLY SCX Escort None Magnet: club cars only by lane.

Each lane has its own regulated power supply limited to 1.8Amps, normally set at 13V with RALLY reduced to 12V, each lane is provided with a 45 Ohm parma controller.

The PC(USB) software holds race history using MPH from TRACK LENGTH, to provide close PURSUIT racing.

This covers the performance of most Scalextric or equivalent manufacturers cars that are raced out of the box, with club cars having a duplicate backup.
All cars have the following constraints:
  - Must be 1/32 scale and may have a magnet, unless stated otherwise
  - Must negotiate Scalextric Sport R1 bends, and go under the 80mm bridge and start.
  - Tyres may be glued on. Fixings must be secure, mirrors, spoilers (removable items) optional
Drivers using their own cars have the following additional constraints:
  - No open wheel type cars except for F1
  - Rally cars must be in rally form and none magnet
  - Max width 68mm, and no protrusions that would damage the circuit or other cars.
  - Any rubber tyre is permitted, nominally to run on four wheels.
  - Have sufficient track clearance not to bottom out, some cars bottom out at less than 1.5mm.
  - Motors have a Max 22K RPM rating at 12Vdc, and not more then 1.25 Amps.
  - Magnetic down force should not exceed out of the box scalextric cars.
  - All cars are subject to inspection and will be eliminated if outside spec.

CONTACTS: Alan (01295 258193)